Wild Words

Wild Words is out today! It’s a beautifully interested, easy-to-read little book, perfect for a Christmas present.

Today in Hastings, the sun’s bright, but it’s chilly outside. In the Balkans, this deceptive, watery light would be known as *zubato sunce*, (sun with big teeth). Find more words, from *oplett* – the Norwegian word for the breaks between showers – to *beija-flor*, which is the Portuguese word for hummingbird and means literally ‘kiss flower’. Or my favourite, *Hexenringe*, the German word for the marks left by rings of mushrooms, burned into the earth by witches’ dancing feet when they dance with the devil.

Here’s what Pavilion say about the book. “It’s a celebration of beautiful words from around the world that describe nature, animals and the feelings evoked by the wild. A dip into this book and a deep drink of Yang Sio Maan‘s inspirational illustrations will give you a glimpse into different landscapes and cultures and serve as a little window onto the constantly changing, phenomenal beauty of the wild world.”

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