Copywriting and Commercial


Hire me! Clients include John Lewis, Malone Souliers, PLAYin CHOC, Hipsville, Arlette Gold, Pitcher Post, Question Everything London.

My skills include…

Copywriting and Marketing


*Take brand values, commercial requirements, and add innovative, fresh concepts to formulate a strong, persuasive campaign

*Bring a bottomless well of sparkling ideas for blogs, newsletters, and social media posts

*Have a great commercial eye, while happy to embrace cutting-edge approaches

*Create innovative, cross-platform marketing concepts

*Possess sharp, versatile, persuasive copywriting skills

*Am skilled in tailoring copy to a target audience

*Have strong visual skills, including photography and film, and can create design concepts

*Relish leading a project or being part of a team

*Embrace new technology and platforms

*Have over 25 years of magazine and copywriting experience

Magazine and Print

*Understand and can create readerships

*Have an in-depth knowledge of magazine and print theory 

*Can spot trends, find news hooks, conceptualise features, create useful, entertaining box-outs and sidebars

*Create innovative, gripping, entertaining formats

*Write entertaining, informative, emotionally gripping copy

*Commission via a clear, concise brief

*Plan layouts with designers

*Provide entertaining, informative captions, headlines and standfirsts

*Am skilled at managing a team

*Keen understanding of budgets

*Stick to deadlines and ensure others do the same

*Can create a flowing, inviting flatplan 

*Have over 25 years of staff experience as writer, editor, and online editor

Book Authorship


*Conceptualise and write strong, persuasive, commercially successful pitches

*Write fast, accurate, entertaining copy

*Communicate clearly with editors and publishers

*Hit deadlines with a smile

*Enjoy publicity duties