On A Starry Night: Fun Things to Make and Do From Dusk Until Dawn

My new book, On A Starry Night, is out now. It feels a little strange promoting books at a time when so many of us have money or health worries and the country is in the grip of an existential crisis, but this should bring some cheer.

It’s kind of perfect for families in lockdown – the publication timing is spookily spot-on. I’ve brought together crafts, games, recipes and a healthy sprinkling of horror-and-folklore related activities (I just can’t help myself), all perfect for doing after the sun goes down, or in a room with the curtains pulled tight.

I worked in collaboration with the marvellous Jeff Pitcher, who took the colourful, fun-filled photographs that run through the book. They feature my kids Dusty and Arthur, their friends and the gang at Jeff’s adventure playground. I’ll post a gallery of pictures from the book later this week.

I feel a bit weird pointing out that it’s available online, as I really don’t want to add to the burden on our stressed postal services, but there are click-and-collect ways you can get around that. And, if you squint hard enough, it is an essential.

If you’ve got kids of any age, they’ll find something cool to do in there, and, though I say so myself, it makes a really lovely present.