On A Starry Night: Fun Things to Make and Do From Dusk Until Dawn

On A Starry Night

My new book, On A Starry Night, is out now. It feels a little strange promoting books at a time when so many of us have money or health worries and the country is in the grip of an existential crisis, but this should bring some cheer.

It’s kind of perfect for families in lockdown – the publication timing is spookily spot-on. I’ve brought together crafts, games, recipes and a healthy sprinkling of horror-and-folklore related activities (I just can’t help myself), all perfect for doing after the sun goes down, or in a room with the curtains pulled tight.

I worked in collaboration with the marvellous Jeff Pitcher, who took the colourful, fun-filled photographs that run through the book. They feature my kids Dusty and Arthur, their friends and the gang at Jeff’s adventure playground. I’ll post a gallery of pictures from the book later this week.

I feel a bit weird pointing out that it’s available online, as I really don’t want to add to the burden on our stressed postal services, but there are click-and-collect ways you can get around that. And, if you squint hard enough, it is an essential.

If you’ve got kids of any age, they’ll find something cool to do in there, and, though I say so myself, it makes a really lovely present.


Warriors, Witches, Women

I’m so excited about my upcoming book, Warriors, Witches, Women. I’ve spent this year (and, let’s face it, most of my life) immersed in mythos, fables, ancient religion and feminism, and this is the colourful result. The stories of 50 goddesses, ghosts, and half-monsters, revisited from a modern, feminist perspective, all illustrated sensitively and colourfully by Harriet Lee Merrion. Perhaps most excitingly (for me) is that the amazing Maxine Peake has written an foreword. It’s out in early February, do shout if you’d like a review copy or a chat.

Here’s what ‘they’ say about it.
“Rebel deities, mysterious enchantresses, forces of nature and deciders of fate: these are the demonised and misunderstood heroines of mythology whose tales have been overshadowed, overlooked, twisted and
misremembered, until now…

In ‘Warriors, Witches, Women‘ Kate Hodges brings a fresh perspective to classical mythology and folklore – one that celebrates these colourful female characters as strong, daring individuals and contemporary idols. From feminist fairies to fierce sea-creature, from protective half-human harpies to seductive voodoo goddesses, each character’s story offers an entertaining and provocative fable worthy of our time – placing women firmly in the centre of the narrative.

Available to pre-order in the US, Australia and New Zealand here 

I Know A Woman

I’m incredibly excited about my new book, I Know A Woman, which was published by Aurum on February 15. It’s all about the links between some of the most fascinating women of the last couple of hundred years; friendships, mentoring, influences and groups that served to inspire and strengthen their resolve.

There are mini biographies of 84 women; some you’ll know such as Amelia Earhart, Beyoncé and Katharine Hepburn, but others are more esoteric. I loved uncovering the stories of artist Claude Cahun, aviatrix Marie Marvingt, and maths genius Sofia Kovalevskaya.

The book is made by the incredible illustrations of Sarah Papworth; they’re vibrant, compelling and tell each woman’s story to great effect. The book is available in all good bookshops and online, and I can’t wait for you to see it in real life – it’s a beautiful thing.