Rural London


My new book, Rural London is in the shops. It’s a guide to the greenest-feeling spots in the capital. As the publishers say,

“London is a wonderful city, but sometimes the hustle and bustle, noise and grime, can get too much and you feel the need for some peace and quiet, clean air and nature. But there’s no need to flee to the countryside, as London has so many surprisingly ‘rural’ areas and activities to offer.”

I’m really happy with the book. Lots of the pictures are by ace photographer Jeff Pitcher, and he’s done a great job making each entry look lush and alluring. I think my favourite sections are the ones about rural-feeling festivals, about the truly secret spots, and the guide to the best city farms – my favourite spots to visit with my kids in the city. I’d be grateful if you checked out the book’s Amazon page, even more grateful if you bought or reviewed it. Thanks!